School Workshop

Arts & Crafts center is the place where art meets imagination. Learning and enriching your skills is our main goal. We feel it's our duty to provide a sense of platform for the people of all ages to explore their hidden potentials in Art. We strive to spread art within the community in Qatar and teach our students the foundations of painting, pottery and Crafts.

We offer workshops for students and teachers. Our workshops are a wide variety of art and art oriented workshops to enrich students and teacher knowledge in Arts and to emphasize on the educational system(STEAM) were ARTS has been added as a core subject. Our workshops are for all ages and genders. We have a wide variety of workshops that tackles different interests.

When offering any workshop our talented and professional team provide all the needed materials for us to assure the high quality and good performance.

Minimum of 25 students/participants to book a workshop for school trips.

Our various workshops are:

Primary & Secondary School     High School & University